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Nicole Jones

I am the face and hands behind Baked Bean Co. I create wearable eye candy using polymer clay. All items are made entirely by hand in Canada. Once items are released, the likelihood of the same items being created again is very rare. So make sure to scoop up the styles you have your eye on before they're gone

Polymer Clay Jewelry is a true passion of mine from start to finish. Working with clay is a rewarding relationship. It is incredibly therapeutic and I love everything about it. Aside from my love affair with clay; I am a mother of two crazy energetic boys. As any parent knows, they are the loves of my life. I enjoy hockey and am a proud local supporter of the Leafs. Go Leafs Go!  I am an avid snowboarder and I have an ugly propensity to curse.

Art has always been there for me. Its been a constant in my background. I have always gravitated towards it. I see lovely, inspiring things and just want to sink my hands in and create. In elementary school i began sketching precious moments characters. Then in high school i moved into making jewelry from precious gems and metals. 

During my first maternity leave after my son was born, i discovered Polymer Clay. This is a medium I absolutely love. I love creating my components instead of buying and assembling them. The possibilities with clay are endless and i can be creative AF. 

This is my story

Meet the Maker: The Story
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